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A fibreglass pool can make a big difference to your lifestyle and home. If you’re thinking about a fibreglass pool for your property, choose us for the best quality pools for comfort, durability and style. Tanzanite Pools is the leading designer and installer of fibreglass swimming pools Melbourne wide. Our fibreglass pools are elegantly designed with a smooth finish. There are styles and sizes to suit any backyard and lifestyle – from lap pools and spa jets designed for exercise to elegant pools that are perfect for relaxing all day and entertaining guests. A Tanzanite pool is more like a work of art than just a pool, made with the highest quality materials and constructed by experienced staff. Get started on your new pool journey with us today.

Benefits of fibreglass pools

Reasonable pricing

There are many benefits to a fibreglass pool. The one most seem to value is the pricing, coming at a much lower price point while maintaining a luxurious look and feel.

Easy maintenance

The non-porous interior of a fibreglass swimming pool lowers maintenance time so you can spend more time in your pool rather than cleaning it.

Quick installation

No one wants to be sitting around waiting for their pool to be installed while the temperature rises. Your fibreglass pool can be installed in a matter of days, not months, so you can get to swimming sooner.

Property value

Everybody loves a pool and a high-quality fibreglass pool will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. With so much to like, more homeowners are choosing to install a pool.

Fibreglass Pools Vs Concrete Swimming Pools

While both will provide you with a stylish pool, their construction and installation couldn’t be more different.

A fibreglass pool comes pre-built and is ready in a matter of days whereas a concrete pool is designed from the ground up and takes months to complete.

Each pool also offers its own unique benefits. While fibreglass inground pools used to be seen as the less stylish of the two, it’s no longer the case.

With our range of fibreglass pools in Melbourne, you can have the ease of the installation that a fibreglass pool offers, and a stylish pool as well.

Explore Our Fibreglass Pools Melbourne​

If you’re thinking of installing a fibreglass pool in Melbourne, then view our extensive range at Tanzanite Pools. You’re sure to find a pool that suits your lifestyle and home. Coming in a range of styles and colours, you’ll feel spoilt for choice. If it’s for entertaining guests, our Monaco range offers extensive seating and a luxurious feel. If it’s exercise on your mind, then our lap pool range can suit your workout needs. Whatever the choice may be, a Tanzanite pool will add value to your home and make coming home something to look forward to every day.

Find out how a fibreglass pool can change your home by calling 0434 139 125 or book a consultation online.

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