Fibreglass Pool Range

The Escape

Masterfully Crafted Plunge Pool

In a world perpetually in motion, The Escape beckons as a haven where the pressures of modern living dissolve. This masterfully crafted plunge pool transcends its dimensions, carving out a space that is as much about emotion as it is about water. It’s a canvas upon which the desire for freedom and solace finds its perfect expression.

Dual entry points and cascading steps create a gentle transition into the water, as if stepping into a hidden dimension of serenity. The full-length bench seat invites you to unwind, where you will be enveloped in tranquility. Additionally, this plunge pool fosters an unobstructed swimming corridor, providing ample room for a seamless and uninterrupted swimming experience.

With these features, The Escape whispers promises of respite, a sanctuary where one can momentarily break away from the relentless rhythm of life.

Pool Features

  1. Wrap-around Safety Ledge
  2. Sloping Pool Floor
  3. Dual Entry Steps
  4. Steps into Pool
  5. Full Length Bench Seat
  6. Swimming Corridor
  7. Plunge Pool

Pool sizes

5.00m (L) x 3.20m (W) | Min Depth 1.10m • Max Depth 1.50m
6.10m (L) x 3.20m (W) | Min Depth 1.10m • Max Depth 1.60m

Colour range

Our range of brilliant pool colours are not just to be seen but also to be experienced. What colour do you want your moments and memories to be?

These colour sample effects are indicative only. The actual water colour will vary with different light levels, sunlight shadow, shade and surface water movement.

One thing you can be confident about is that when you see the real thing, the effects will be stunning – no matter what shimmer colour you select.


We Have A Wide Range Of Pools For You To Choose From

Finding a pool that suits your needs and backyard best is important. Browse the rest of our Fibreglass Pool Range to find your best fit. 

As your chosen Melbourne pool builders, our experts will work with you to design your dream pool, and bring it to life with expert construction and management.

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