Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the question about space. Nowadays homeowners want pools but have little space and are concerned about the accessibility of the property.  We can construct in hard to reach, complex places, however this may come with an added cost due to the building support structures needed to go over, around or under other structures.

There are three stages of construction:

  1. Pre-construction: which includes site assessment, design, a proposal and engineering
  2. Council approval
  3. Pool construction and execution

If you have a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) you don’t need to inform your neighbours and you as an owner are required to comply with the CDC. However, if a Development Application (DA) is required for the project, it must go through the council, who will notify your neighbours.

The flat surface you walk on, around your pool is the coping, usually made from natural stones such as sandstone and travertine

For fibreglass pools, from the beginning of construction to completion can take as little as 2 weeks. The time taken can vary due to weather conditions, complexity of the project, the approval types as well as the finishing selected.

Our fibreglass pools have a lifetime structural warranty, and a gelcoat (internal) warranty which are supported by the following Australian Standards; AS/NZS 1838, AS/NZS 1839 and AS3633.

Yes, once the engineering drawings are complete we will prepare all the paperwork and submit a building approval application to the local council, and will monitor the progress of your application.

It depends on our current workload and what stages the current projects are at. If you get in touch we can discuss timelines and a start date.