Swimming Pool Installers Melbourne

For more than a decade, Tanzanite Pools has been designing, constructing and installing swimming pools across Melbourne. Manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure strength and durability of the pool. We use only the best, high-quality materials, installed by experienced technicians who have extensive knowledge in pool manufacturing and pool installation Melbourne. All our pools come with a lifetime structural warranty for peace of mind that your pool has been built to last. With the ability to design our pools comes the potential to be creative. Every project is unique and has a unique solution, but we always provide unparalleled creativity and resourcefulness.

Swimming pools of all shapes and sizes

Do I have Space?

Everybody wants a pool, but do you have space for it? The easiest way to find out is to contact us for a free consultation. Our fibreglass pools come in all shapes and sizes and we’ll be able to advise the kind of space you need. Our concrete pools are custom, but you’ll still need a viable amount of space even for a small pool. Rest assured, you can still have an enjoyable pool even if it’s not a lap pool designed for swimming.

Stylish Smaller Designs

Take a look through our range of pools to get an idea of some smaller designs. For example, our spa range is perfect for relaxing with jets of warm water and soothing bubbles. You can even manage those laps with a swim jet blowing a powerful stream of water to combat your swimming speed. Whatever the size, we’re the swimming pool installers Melbourne can trust to deliver a great quality pool, every time.


How long does pool installation take?

The answer to this question depends on our current workload and how quickly we can start. A fibreglass pool is the quicker choice as it comes pre-constructed and is much simpler to install. All you need to do is choose your pool type and colour and the pool can go straight into the ground with installation beginning immediately. You can be splashing about in a matter of days! Concrete pool installation is more complicated and varies depending on the design you choose and the types of features you add on. As a concrete pool needs to be built from scratch in your backyard, it takes a longer period of time to fully install. Whatever pool you choose, Tanzanite Pools are the best swimming pool installers Melbourne has to offer.

Pool Installation Melbourne Costs

To get an idea of what your pool project is likely to cost, call us today on 0434 139 125 or submit a quote online. We’ll be more than happy to provide a consultation and cost estimate on your new pool. A fibreglass pool is less expensive and quicker to install but offers a less customised pool compared to a concrete pool. The choice comes down to personal preference and budget, but with either choice comes a final product delivered by the expert team at Tanzanite Pools.


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